Make your business more sustainable with recycled plastic pens.


Writing with pens Made of genuine recycled and certified material is Cool.
It is Recycool.

Recycool Pen Revolution - Penna a sfera - colore arancione

Customizable with your logo and available also with antibacterial additive.

Be part of

the solution

and not

the pollution!

The Recycool Pen Kits help stop the plastic invasion from the beaches.

Up to 14 pens made from recycled plastic

The Write Choice

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is real. It is big as the Iberian Peninsula and it is made entirely of plastic waste.

An act as simple as writing, can help cleaning up the oceans and reducing the growth of theGreat Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Environment is a serious matter

The Write Choice

The material used for our pens is 100% recycled and proved by an advanced tracking system.

Unlike several companies that offer solutions with mixed materials and sold as entirely recycled, we can guarantee the origin & authenticity.

Customize your Pens made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET)

Are you a company?

Receive now our Sample Kit and take a look to our offer of pen made in recycled plastic.

Make your business more sustainable

Each pen is equivalent to a plastic bottle removed from a beach, which would take 450 years to biodegrade

1 bottle


1 pen

Stop tons of plastic one pen at a time


rPET or recycled plastic bottles

Plastic bottle can be recycled indefinitely

Over 70 bilions of plastic bottles used every years just in USA and UE

Scopri il processo di riciclaggio

Aluminum with which cans are made

It is 100% recyclable indefinitely

Over 420 thousands of recycled cans every minute

Scopri il processo di riciclaggio

With Plastic Bank we prevent tons of plastic from reaching the sea.

It does not take too much to save beaches of half the world, from Brazil to the Philippines.

Bottles stopped thanks to Plastic Bank

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