Write the future of the planet with recycled plastic pens

Spiaggia con cuore - progetto per ripulire spiagge dalla plastica

RECYCOOL is the project, all Made in Italy, that removes PET plastic waste from the ocean by turning it into recycled pens that can be recycled many more times. It takes love to change the world 👉🏻 Discover the recycled plastic pen kit from beaches around the world

Clean up the beaches of plastic to save the oceans

Pointbreak Surf - Puliamo le spiagge dagli oceani

If you surf or are a “Point Break” fun you know that the term offshore refers to an onshore wind that tends to regularize and improve the shape of waves It is the optimal condition for any surfer, the one that allows you to unleash your energy and translate it into mind-blowing evolutions and performances. […]

Plastic is served

La plastica nei pesci - Tartaruga - Oceano

How are the oceans? Bad, and if you’ve seen “Seaspiracy” on Netflix you know that everyone who lives it supports it: fishermen, environmental advocacy groups, climatologists and researchers, even surfers Nearly 90 percent of the world’s marine fish stocks have been fully exploited, even beyond their capacity, or are totally depleted. Adding to this, according […]

Little is needed to limit plastic pollution

Come limitare l'inquinamento da plastica

The Dalai Lama said, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” How many times have you given up on changing things by hiding behind the excuse “It’s no use anyway”? If you have seen “Take the Lead” you know that giving up to the cry of […]

Sustainability starts with you

Contribuisci a fermare la plastica - surfista

The Platters sang “Only you can make all this world seem right. Only you can make the darkness bright,” and they had a point. Okay, it is true that it is a love song but the meaning changes little: each of us, as a unique being, can make a difference. We each have our own […]

Stopping plastic is only possible with everyone’s commitment

Fermare la plastica - surfista in spiaggia

How was the catch phrase? “Alone we go faster, but together we go farther.” Will that really be the case? If you watch “The Good Doctor” you know that 99% of cases would not be solved without Shaun’s intervention. He travels at a quintuple speed and single-handedly goes farther than anyone else. The question, however, […]

Plastic pollution of the oceans – Need balance

Inquinamento da plastica degli oceani

Does balance really exist in nature? Balance theory predicts that any alteration of an ecosystem is bound to be suppressed because nature will restore the situation to normal. We have seen it in all sorts of ways, from movies like “The Days After Tomorrow” to series on Netflix style “Kiss The Ground.” Nature rebels against […]

Climate emergency: the planet is changing

Emergenza climatica il pianeta sta cambiando polaroid

Yet not everyone seems to care. Or at least, not as it should. If you have watched the Mad Man series on Amazon Prime Video and possess a certain sensibility, you will have been shocked at the virtually zero care for the environment After a picnic with his family, Don Draper leaves leaving the lawn […]