Clean up the beaches of plastic to save the oceans

How the plastic pen that save the oceans is born

7 /8 • Off-Shore

If you surf 🏄♂️or are a “Point Break” fun you know that the term offshore refers to an onshore wind that tends to regularize and improve the shape of waves🌊

It is the optimal condition for any surfer🏄♀️, the one that allows you to unleash your energy 🔥and translate it into mind-blowing evolutions and performances.

Offshore is energy. The Surfer turns it into magic🌟.

We are looking for such people. Full of power and brilliance. Magical.

Anti-Divanists 🙅♀️🛋convinced that they want to make an effort to do something concrete and make a meaningful change on this planet🌍

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