An all Italian story

Almost 50 years of history and an unending passion for what we do.

Continuous experimentation and research into new materials are the fuel that fuels our innovative vision. Every day, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, bringing our expertise to an increasingly technological world.

Dedication and attention to detail are what have enabled us to stand the test of time and build a solid reputation in our industry.

But we do not stop there.

With a team of passionate professionals and a community of loyal customers behind us, we face the challenges of tomorrow while keeping the flame of our passion alive. Because for us, true innovation comes from the ability to combine tradition and the future into one unforgettable journey.

Sustainability pioneers

Penna in rPet

Using only 100% recycled material was a bold choice that we are proud of and can call ourselves pioneers. In 2014 we produced the first one totally made of r-Pet. We have maintained this direction ever since. This is how the following was born today Recycool Pen. The pen made of plastic material collected from beaches around the world.

Rigorous in material selection

Thanks to our partner Plastic Bank, we can count on a steady supply of rPET , which is the 100% recycled plastic material from plastic bottles collected from the beaches of Brazil, all the way to the Philippines.

materiale rPet