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How the plastic pen that save the oceans is born

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How are the 🌊oceans?

Bad, and if you’ve seen “Seaspiracy” on Netflix you know that everyone who lives it supports it: fishermen, environmental advocacy groups, climatologists and researchers, even surfers 🏄♀️🏄♂️

Nearly 90 percent of the world’s marine fish stocks 🐟 have been fully exploited, even beyond their capacity, or are totally depleted.

Adding to this, according to WWF, is the fact that every year, 100 million tons of plastic are dumped in nature and one-tenth of it ends up in the sea.

Millions of sea turtles🐢, birds and mammals die trapped or suffocated by plastic after ingesting it.

Reduced to smaller and smaller fragments, plastic also ends up on our plates, endangering our health.

From chowder to plastic soup is a short step.

In the Pacific Ocean there is the “garbage island,” the size of the Iberian Peninsula and made entirely of plastic waste, the disposal of which in the waters is the cause of the decrease in the number of whales 🐳🐋 from 2.6 million to 800,000 from the early 1900s to the present.

💪 It is not too late to fix it and save the seas and oceans. Find out how to contribute with a very simple gesture like writing with Recycool Pen.

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