Stopping plastic is only possible with everyone’s commitment

How the plastic pen that save the oceans is born

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How was the catch phrase? “Alone we go faster, but together we go farther.” Will that really be the case?

If you watch “The Good Doctor” 👨⚕️ you know that 99% of cases would not be solved without Shaun’s intervention. He travels at a quintuple speed 🚀 and single-handedly goes farther than anyone else.

The question, however, is not how far you can go or how quickly you can achieve a result.

The issue is that Shaun, one intervention after another, understands that having an audience and having friends 👯♂️are two very different things.

Our life is based on emotions, and we need to share values and experiences with people we feel related to.

Personal evolution is linked to the exchange of information and interests, the sharing of passions, and the increasingly close bonding of circles of people with common 🎯goals.

Being part of a community 🤙 allows us to expand our knowledge, experiment together with others and communicate our beliefs reinforced and supported by a cohesive and diverse group of individuals, connected by invisible but resilient threads.

Here we are trying to build our own. With the hope that it will soon turn from virtual to real. We have a plan and a goal. Do you want to be part of it?

Take a look at our 🚀 initiative. Discover Recycool Pen .

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