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Recycled plastic pens

saving the ocean

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The Write Choice

Make your business more sustainable with Recycool pens

The material used for our pens is 100% recycled and proved by an advanced tracking system.

Unlike several companies that offer solutions with mixed materials and sold as entirely recycled, we can guarantee the origin & authenticity.

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Where the plastic in our pens comes from

By partnering with Plastic Bank we are preventing tons of plastic on beaches around the world from reaching the ocean.

Not only that.

In countries like Egypt, our mission is having a huge social and economic impact, as well as an environmental one.

The equivalent number of bottles stopped with Plastic Bank

Two Recycool pens correspond to one bottle of plastic that would take 450 years to biodegrade if it reached the ocean.

Raccolta plastica dalle spiagge con plastic bank

Recycool Pens have different types of writing and strokes
Including a highlighter!

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Be part of the solution
and not the pollution

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Each pen corresponds to a small bottle!

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The Recycool Pen corporate gadget


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