Plastic pollution of the oceans – Need balance

Inquinamento da plastica degli oceani

Does balance really exist ⚖️ in nature?

Balance theory 🌱predicts that any alteration of an ecosystem is bound to be suppressed because nature will restore the situation to normal.

We have seen it in all sorts of ways, from movies like “The Days After Tomorrow” to series on Netflix style “Kiss The Ground.” Nature rebels against human chaos and restores a primordial status, one catastrophe after another.

If we stop to observe our surroundings, however, we notice that nature is never in balance, but in constant change.

❓Does the quest for balance, then, perhaps become a myth?

It is not true, however, that every action aimed at changing the state of an ecosystem in one way or another, including that of humans🤷♂️, is bad.

There are many human actions that have a harmful, when not devastating, impact on nature. But there are also some examples of human intervention with good intentions and results.

What we would like to do is just that: change the paradigm.

Don’t do what is right, nor what you should, but find the balance between the two and do what you feel while understanding that there would be no order without disorder.

We chose Plastic Bank for this very reason.

From the plastic mess on beaches, through the cleanup and collection efforts of Plastic Bank volunteers, we bring back a new order. We turn recycled plastic into a tool as simple as a pen.

✅ We are talking about Recycool Pen. More than a pen, it is a real tool capable of contributing to the fight against ocean pollution.

Do you want to do your part? You need very little. Take a look at The Recycled Collection

Condividi LA STORIA DI RECYCOOL PEN e aiuta il pianeta

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